Few sons are the equals of their fathers; most fall short, all too few surpass them.

Very French

While Ms. Yoncheva didn’t dwell on that not-quite-syllable at the end of "silence," she used it – to create a brief aura of melancholy, a puff of dark cloud.

Le saint des saints

Visitors are given a carefully airbrushed version of China’s recent history.

De la censure

Some regulations are explicit. Others are imprecise. One, for example, prohibits blurring the lines between "truth and falsity, good and evil, beauty and ugliness."

Anne Bert

Ce choix si difficile rendu possible apaise mes derniers mois à vivre.

Happy End

Histoire officielle

The church considers the czar to be a saint, and a saint shouldn’t be portrayed as having affairs.

International law governing war

International law governing war or self-defense allows countries to knowingly kill some civilians as an incidental consequence of attacking a legitimate military target, so long as the bystander deaths are deemed necessary and proportionate.


I had been the author of unalterable evils.

Je deviens de pierre

Si je ne me sauve pas dans un travail, je suis perdu.


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