Look at me

Fallait-il autoriser les visiteurs à prendre des photos dans la Galleria dell'Accademia à Florence ?

Un lecteur a publié ce commentaire : "This article and the accompanying photos indicate to me that for a lot, if not most, of the people, it's not about seeing the art, it's about documenting that you were there. Just another example of our troubling, "LOOK AT ME!!!!" culture. They could probably replace the Mona Lisa with a poster and no-one would even notice, let alone care, as long as they get their triumphant selfie."

Un autre lecteur raconte : "When we were in Florence leaving the Uffizi we heard two tourists talking behind us. One was saying to the other that she prefers going with a guide because otherwise she does not know what she is looking at. That completely sums up the museum going experience for many people. They don't look at the art on their own, it is all about what someone tells them about it."

Les musées sont devenus des parcs d'attraction* comme les autres, avec la bénédiction de ceux qui en ont la charge.

Masterworks vs. the Masses
Rachel Donadio
International New York Times
* Philippe Dagen reprend cette idée dans Le Monde du 11/06/15 : "Anish Kapoor fait de Versailles un parc d'attractions." Il conclut ainsi son article : le pire, c'est que ça marche.